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After the cancellation of the Eurovvision Weekend 2020, all former and the current organisers put together a Tribute Night, with a walk down memory lane, cherishing eight wonderful editions of the Eurovision Weekend so far.
Further information and incidental flashbacks can be found on the Eurovision Weekend Facebook site.


This website was dedicated to the Eurovision Weekend 2012 to 2018.

Due to the second victory in the OGAEvision Song Contest by OGAE Malta within three years (victory 2016, co-host 2017, victory 2018), the Eurovision Weekend moved to the winner fan club's home country and took place in July 2019 in Malta. The organisers of OGAE Malta published all relevant information on the website of OGAE Malta.

With EC Germany winning the fan contest in Malta, the right to host the next contest and thus the next Eurovision Weekend went back to Germany, and according to the idea of changing host cities the board of EC Germany decided to host the next contest and weekend in Stuttgart.

So all further information for the Eurovision Weekend 2020 can be found on the website of host fan club EC Germany.

Information is also available on the Eurovision Weekend Facebook site, tickets can be purchased online here.


This site now is only dedicated to cherish the memories of the Eurovision Weekend...for a walk down memory lane, find impressions of all past editions in the Eurovision Weekend YouTube Channel.

We say thank you for the support in all the years and hope to see you around Europe in July !

the organising team of the Berlin Eurovision fan group 


In summer 2012 a new Eurovision fan event debuted: The Eurovision Weekend in Berlin. It was a huge three days' celebration organised together with the fan club from Finland.

In 2013, the fan club from Israel teamed up with the ESC fans from Berlin, and it was a magic weekend.

In 2014, the Eurovision Weekend was organised together with the fan club from the United Kingdom.

In 2015, the Danish fan club was the partner fan club of the Eurovision Weekend.

In 2016, for the fifth anniversary, OGAE Netherlands co-hosted the Eurovision Weekend.

In 2017, due to Sebastian Calleja's victory of the first OGAEvision Song Contest, the partner fan club was OGAE Malta.

In 2018, with OGAE Israel's Rilli Willow winning the OGAEvision 2017, OGAE Israel accepted the invitation to host the Eurovision Weekend together for a second time.

In 2019 the Eurovision Weekend took place in another country for the first time, OGAE Malta hosted the Eurovision Weekend 2019 on the sunny island of Malta.


The hosting fan clubs:

2012 - 2018

Besides the German fan clubs OGAE Germany and EC Germany there is a different member fan club of OGAE International hosting the Eurovision Weekend. Until 2018 they were partner fan clubs of the Eurovision Weekend in Berlin, from 2019 they became hosting fan clubs:






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